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First Results: EHT Black Hole Press Coverage and Media

First wave of coverage: April 10, 2019


News articles gathered from news sources around the globe about myself and the research I am involved with.

First photo of a black hole supports Einstein’s theory of relativity

  By Ashley Strickland | CNN | Updated 1:59 PM ET, Fri October 2, 2020 This is the first photo of a black hole   New type of black hole detected in massive collision that sent gravitational waves with a 'bang' (CNN) The first image of a black hole, captured in...

Putting the Squeeze on General Relativity

Analyzing the first image of a black hole in a nearby galaxy, researchers have provided quantitative tests of general relativity in the strongest gravitational fields yet. October 1, 2020 | Physics 13, s128 In 2019, the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) released the first...

Arizona Celebrates with the World in Sharing the First Black Hole Image

Arizona members of the Event Horizon Telescope joined the National Science Foundation in revealing the first-ever image captured of the supermassive black hole at the center of the M87 galaxy. Arizona's contribution to the EHT collaboration includes over 25 faculty,...

4 things we’ll learn from the first closeup image of a black hole

    Event Horizon Telescope data are giving scientists an image of the Milky Way’s behemoth BY LISA GROSSMAN09:58AM, MARCH 29, 2019 We’re about to see the first close-up of a black hole. The Event Horizon Telescope, a network of eight radio observatories spanning the...

Black hole image: Why does it look like an orange ring?

UA Astrophysicist Wins Guggenheim Fellowship

Press coverage of my Event Horizon Telescope talk at the 2016 American Astronomical Society Meeting:

BBC News

The Economist

CBS News

A recent article about me in the Turkish newspaper Sozcu.

Our groundbreaking black hole simulations and images run on the GPU cluster El Gato was covered in this press release.

The citation for the 2013 American Physical Society Maria Goeppert Mayer Award

and the article in APS News about the award.

APS News article covering the 2013 Boston Marathon

My neutron star work was covered in Nature News.

Articles about my work in the Turkish newspapers Radikal and Milliyet.

PBS Big Ideas Documentary

Columbia University News interview when I was the school salutatorian.