Imaging black holes

01 APRIL 2018 The Event Horizon Telescope will combine data from a worldwide network of radio telescopes to image the shadow that a black hole casts on the surrounding plasma. Read More

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Scientific American Article: The Black Hole Test

I had the privilege to coauthor with Shep Doeleman an article on testing General Relativity with the Event Horizon Telescope, that was published in the special September 2015 Scientific American issue on the 100 years of Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

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Press Release: Black Holes Come to the Big Screen

The new movie “Interstellar” explores a longstanding fascination, but we are using cutting-edge technology to go one better. We are working on how to take pictures of the black hole at the center of the galaxy. Read our press release with videos and animations.

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Event Horizon Telescope Conference in Tucson

Some of the press coverage of the “Event Horizon Telescope” conference I helped organize in January 2012: Science Magazine KOLD Tucson NY Daily News Daily Wildcat  Here is the Press Release for the conference.

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